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Science Challenge -A Boat that Floats

Following the excellent response from the Smart Art Challenges I thought I would set a science challenge this week for everyone in school.

Can you build a boat that can float?
In Reception and KS1 the aim is to make a boat that can float while something is sitting in it -this could be a piece of fruit or a toy. You can use a sheet of A4 paper and you need to decorate and name your boat. If it sinks try to make a new boat with an improved design. 

Extension: Can you change the materials used to make a better boat? Explain to the adult you're with why you think the new materials will be better before you test it. 

 In KS2 the rules are that each boat has to be made out of a single sheet of A4 paper. You can make cuts and folds but you can't use glue or add any other materials (we're trying to make it a fair test). You should give your boat a name. Then, once you have found out it can float how much can your boat hold? You could weigh items to test or use something such as equal lego bricks to measure this. 

Extension: Change the materials used to improve your design further. Can you do some research and explain why boats float? What do you think is more important shape and design or material?

Boats can be tested in bowls, sinks or baths whatever is best for you at home. 

I can't wait to see your designs and I hope you have lots of fun exploring the science of floating and sinking. Be careful and make sure an adult is with you when testing your designs. 

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