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Reading for Pleasure

Reading for Pleasure
"Reading is a passport to countless adventures "- Mary Pope Osborne.
Our aim, at Acton is to encourage children to want to read by ensuring reading is an imaginative, exciting and enjoyable experience. It is our desire that all children have a passion for reading, to access all areas of the curriculum in order to fulfill their potential. As teachers, we aim to surround our children with a wealth of quality literacy texts written by inspiring authors using texts with beautiful illustrations so that children develop a genuine love of reading. As teachers, we introduce the children to a world of books and our desire is that children will build upon these foundations and go on to have a passion for reading as adults and may even become authors themselves.

In addition to reading areas in each classroom, the recently refurbished library is well equipped and inviting, containing a wealth of exciting fiction and non fiction books. All books are colour coded using the accelerated reading levels, in order that children can select books independently based upon their reading ability and their preferences. School librarians ensure the library is kept tidy and they even book mark texts that they would recommend for others to read. In addition to our library there are book boxes situated outside, containing a variety of books so children can read for pleasure at break and lunchtimes and during independent and guided "Book Club"sessions.

Author Visits
Despite recent restrictions, we have continued to organise author visits to inspire children to read, whether these be virtual or face to face. We believe author visits encourage the children to read a range of books beyond the more well known authors whilst inspiring the children to become authors themselves. 

"Reading aloud with children is known to be the single most important activity for building the knowledge and skills they will eventually require for learning to read" – Marilyn Jager Adams.

Class Novels
Time is allocated each day for the class teacher to share a book with their class. These may be texts based on the class author, texts linked to the topic, based on the interests of the children or purely for pleasure. Our Literacy Spine and vehicle texts ensure that the children receive a rich and varied diet of books. We believe something magical happens when teacher and children share this experience.  We develop prosody in children by modelling reading with expression, intonation and fluency.

Independent Reading
Children are given further opportunities each day to read whether this be as part of our guided reading sessions, or on entry to school each day, or as part of our English sessions when they use quality vehicle texts as a stimulus for their own writing. As well as to support other areas across the curriculum.

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